Talking BJJ with Jake Miclot

We at Celli’s are extremely proud to share a very informative Podcast with you. Please take the time to listen. I promise you, no matter what your passion is, as long as you have passion, you will enjoy listening to this one.

Jake has been a member of Celli’s for about 5 years now, has trained under me those 5 years, and started a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy inside of Celli’s Fitness earlier this year.

Listening to this, makes me realize why I do what I do and why I love it. I love teaching and passing along the knowledge I have accrued over the last 25 years. Listening to one of my students regurgitate what I have taught them over the last 5 years is a very rewarding experience.

Enjoy — Ryan


In this episode we talk with Jake Miclot, a BJJ practitioner and teacher. Jake is the founder of True Believer Jiu Jitsu: Team Junqueira Lawrenceville a Jiu Jitsu school ran out of Celli’s Fitness. We ask Jake what really got him into martial arts and who his greatest influences are in the sport. We discuss the similarities between martial arts and weightlifting, the mental attitude, the drive and the ability to overcome failure. Jake details the points system in competition as well as the relation to the other grappling arts. We discuss frequency of training and integration of martial arts and strength training as well as the type of person and general motivation for taking up this type of sport. We also discuss the latest in MMA fights that just passed and fights on the horizon as well as comparing a grappler versus a striker advantages and disadvantages.

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Ryan Celli’s very first podcast from 2009

rum 2009 bench

Back in 2009 Ryan gets invited to do a podcast at the height of his powerlifting raw / single ply career 6 weeks out from the second Raw Unity.

He talks about his training routine he used to total 1807 raw at 198,  raw bench press of 534, nutrition, recovery, advice for new lifters,  where he thinks powerlifting will be in 5 years (2014) , what the internet has done to the sport, and even supplements.


rum 2009 bench

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Fast & Jacked Interview with Ryan Celli

In this episode we talk with Ryan Celli former world record holder in the total in the 198lb class and national level Masters bodybuilder. Ryan aspires to be only the second man to be both a pro bodybuilder and all-time total world record holder in powerlifting . We talk about his last competition which had a record number of competitiors in the Masters class. We discuss online coaching and training as well as his opinions on when to grind through reps and when to rack it. We touch on how to write programs and different types of specific motivation depending on the client. Ryan details the pec injury he had recently which fortunately does not need surgery . We also discuss the over sensitivity and misunderstandings that happen online in posts on FB, IG etc. The intention is what matters and outside of the trolls we are all here to make each other better people and athletes.

Click  here to listen!!! 


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Fast & Jacked Interview

sc promo

sc promo

Listen to Supplement Centrals Episode #7 of their new Fast and Jacked podcast, featuring Ryan Celli and Casey Williams.

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New Cardio Equipment at Celli’s!!!


Be on the look out for 4 new pieces of high quality cardio equipment coming to Celli’s in the next few weeks.

We are getting 2 new True Fitness CS900 Ellipticals and 2 new CS650Treadmills.



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Jeff Sykora and Julia Bursten compete in the USAPL Eastern PA Raw Championships.


This was Julia’s first powerlifting meet! She was able to squat 231lbs, bench press 154, and deadlift 314 for a 700lb total.

Jeff is a seasoned powerlifter who was able to impove his total from his last meet in December 2014. Jeff squatted 507, bench pressed 336, deadlifted 606 for a 1449 total.

Here is what they had to say:

“We’d both like to thank everyone at the gym for their help and encouragement. They all helped make this a fun and successful meet.”

Julia’s lifts:

Jeff’s lifts:

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Congrats to Celli’s powerlifting member Don Super!

Don recently competed USPA Midwest Regional Championships in Dayton, OH. Full power, 165 raw open division. His numbers won him 1st place with a 1255 total (430 squat, 275 bench, 550 deadlift)
Don sent us his 550 deadlift.

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Celli member Haley Ghislain competes in the Pittsburgh Championships!

Haley Ghislain placed 3rd in the Open Division of the Pittsburgh Bikini C class, May 2 at the historical Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

Here is what she had to say:

“-New to the scene with just 3 competitions under my belt -Most recently competed in the Pittsburgh Championships, placing in the top third of Open Bikini C -My current goal is to beef up my bottom… A bikini booty is not in my DNA, but I’ve seen a lot of progress with a high frequency training program that hits glutes 5-6 times per week. -I love Cell’s because the community is amazing, and of my 3 gym memberships, it’s the only place I can train glutes from all angles. Every gym has a squat rack and abductor/adductor, but the pendulum and glute ham raise are something special.”

Thanks for the kind words Haley, we at Celli’s look forward to seeing you work your way up the ranks.



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Celli’s member Ramona Patterson competes in the NPC Mid Atlantic Championships

Congratulations to long time member and client Ramona Patterson! She competed  at the NPC Mid Atlantic Championships on May 18th.

Ramona placed 5th in the Masters 35 and up Figure Division, and also tried the Masters Women’s Physique Division for the first time, which paid off with a 1st place and Overall title.


ramona group

Over All Winners!
Masters Physique, Figure, Men’s Bodybuilding, Bikini, Men’s Physique

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Ryan Celli wins the NPC Pittsburgh Masters Championships May 2

May 2nd, Ryan won the Masters 40 Overall and won the middle weight closed division (limited to area) at the NPC Pittsburgh Championships.

Next up… Masters Nationals in July right here in Pittsburgh!

Muscular Development Pictures can be found here.

masters front lat

Masters Overall line up




Closed Overall line up

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