Celli’s Fitness is now air conditioned!

the-food-factoryCelli’s is known for its atmosphere. Some even call it hardcore, but we tend to think the right word it is Real. We don’t offer any gimmicks or fancy shiny equipment or even those popular group classes. Heck up until this June (2017)we never had air conditioning. Part of what made the gym unique was we never had air conditioning. Summers were often times brutal, yet the gym would be packed on high humidity, 90+ degree days. Our members didn’t care and often looked at it as a challenge. No one ever complained in 10 years about the heat in the summer, many have even commented how much they liked it. Unfortunately, the ones that did suffer was anyone working the long 14 hour days. After many months of contemplating whether or not to invest in such an expensive luxury, we finally made the decision to cool the place off. A month in, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in regards to the business. We hope everyone is a bit more comfortable now, and don’t worry everyone is still sweating, just not as bad!

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