• Celli’s Fitness is now air conditioned!

    the-food-factoryCelli’s is known for its atmosphere. Some even call it hardcore, but we tend to think the right word it is Real. We don’t offer any gimmicks or fancy shiny equipment or even those popular group classes. Heck up until this June (2017)we never had air conditioning. Part of what made the gym unique was we never had air conditioning. Summers were often times brutal, yet the gym would be packed on high humidity, 90+ degree days. Our members didn’t care and often looked at it as a challenge. No one ever complained in 10 years about the heat in the summer, many have even commented how much they liked it. Unfortunately, the ones that did suffer was anyone working the long 14 hour days. After many months of contemplating whether or not to invest in such an expensive luxury, we finally made the decision to cool the place off. A month in, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in regards to the business. We hope everyone is a bit more comfortable now, and don’t worry everyone is still sweating, just not as bad!

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  • Cara Cable Jacked O Lantern Powerlifting Classic results.

    It’s been one year now (Dec2015) since Cara choose to get formal powerlifting training. If you would have asked her what she totals back then, I’m fairly certain she’d ask “What’s a total?”

    Regionals weren’t even over yet, and she was asking if she could compete again in October. As her coach, and a firm believer in the only was to get better  is to compete, I gave her the okay and started working on a plan. Cara was going to have a good 2 weeks off training due to vacation plans and the post meet week off, that I strongly suggest. This left us with only about 9 training weeks to increase her first 551 total that is now has forever etched on her hand.


    Fast forward to today and Cara already has 2 USPA competitions under her belt and a 600 lb total, upping her previous August total by a substantial 49 pounds.

    At the USPA Jacked O Lantern Classic, hosted by Competitive Edge Power and Fitness, Cara posted 4 new personal records. She took her previous best competition squat from 181 to 203.9, bench press from 104.5 to 110 and her deadlift 265 to 286.6 and her 551 total to 600.

    Congratulations Cara! Can’t wait to see how you do at PA States.



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  • Celli member Vanessa Ferla breaks the 100% RAW National bench press record, and captures 1st in full meet!!

    Celli member Vanessa Ferla competed at the 100% RAW Worlds in Erie PA October 8th 2016. Vanessa has been chasing the 105lb class womens open national bench press record all year. In true Celli fashion, even though all she wanted was the national bench press record, she entered the full meet knowing her other two lifts might be sub best this time around. Didn’t seem to matter as she still took 1st place in the womens open full power division squatting 182lbs, bench pressing 134lbs, deadlifting 248lbs for a 564 total. Congratulation Vanessa.


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  • Celli member Lawrence Maday has a successful meet August 6th 2016

    Lawrence switched federations to try out the USPA this summer. Representing Celli’s Fitness, he entered the USPA Northeast Regionals in Allentown PA August 6th 2016. Lawrence trained alone for this meet and ended up besting all 4 of his previous best lifts and total. The lifts were as follows; 507 wrapped squat, 347 bench press and a 606 new PA State deadlift record, for a fantastic 220 classic total of 1460. Congratulations Lawerence, we are very thankful to have you as a member and a competing athlete.

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  • Celli client and member Cara Cable competes in her first powerlifting meet!

    Cara is new to powerlifting,with only 8 months training as a powerlifter at the time. (June 2016) She asked me when she would be able to compete in a full powerlifting meet. I told her since she can preform all three lifts now to judging standards she is good to go! She immediately signed up for August 6, 2016 USPA’s Northeast Regionals  in Allentown PA. 10 weeks later, Cara went 8/9 and totaled 551 lbs by squatting 181lbs, bench pressing 104lbs and deadlifting 264lbs. All personal records for her.

    She is currently training for PA States in March 2017.

    Cara has been a great addition to Celli’s Fitness.  You can follow her journey on Instagram.

    When she isn’t in the gym, you can find her tattooing at her and her husbands Tattoo shop, Black Cat Tattoo.




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  • Celli client and member takes 2nd place at 100% RAW Worlds

    Congratulations to Matt Hartman for an outstanding performance this weekend. 2nd place at 100% RAW Worlds in Erie PA totaling 1499 in the 198 lb open class.


    Vanessa, Matt, Cara

    Matt has hit some big numbers previously in the gym, but never seemed to be able to put it altogether when it counted on meet day. Matt came to Ryan 8 weeks out from the biggest meet of his life and asked for help. In 8 short weeks we added 73lbs to his previous best total, went 9/9 and broke  4 personal records.

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  • Talking BJJ with Jake Miclot

    We at Celli’s are extremely proud to share a very informative Podcast with you. Please take the time to listen. I promise you, no matter what your passion is, as long as you have passion, you will enjoy listening to this one.

    Jake has been a member of Celli’s for about 5 years now, has trained under me those 5 years, and started a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy inside of Celli’s Fitness earlier this year.

    Listening to this, makes me realize why I do what I do and why I love it. I love teaching and passing along the knowledge I have accrued over the last 25 years. Listening to one of my students regurgitate what I have taught them over the last 5 years is a very rewarding experience.

    Enjoy — Ryan


    In this episode we talk with Jake Miclot, a BJJ practitioner and teacher. Jake is the founder of True Believer Jiu Jitsu: Team Junqueira Lawrenceville a Jiu Jitsu school ran out of Celli’s Fitness. We ask Jake what really got him into martial arts and who his greatest influences are in the sport. We discuss the similarities between martial arts and weightlifting, the mental attitude, the drive and the ability to overcome failure. Jake details the points system in competition as well as the relation to the other grappling arts. We discuss frequency of training and integration of martial arts and strength training as well as the type of person and general motivation for taking up this type of sport. We also discuss the latest in MMA fights that just passed and fights on the horizon as well as comparing a grappler versus a striker advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Ryan Celli’s very first podcast talking about his Raw Unity Meet prep

    Back in 2009 Ryan gets invited to do a podcast at the height of his powerlifting raw / single ply career 6 weeks out from the second Raw Unity.

    He talks about his training routine he used to total 1807 raw at 198,  raw bench press of 534, nutrition, recovery, advice for new lifters,  where he thinks powerlifting will be in 5 years (2014) , what the internet has done to the sport, and even supplements.


    rum 2009 bench

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  • Fast & Jacked Interview with Ryan Celli

    In this episode we talk with Ryan Celli former world record holder in the total in the 198lb class and national level Masters bodybuilder. Ryan aspires to be only the second man to be both a pro bodybuilder and all-time total world record holder in powerlifting . We talk about his last competition which had a record number of competitiors in the Masters class. We discuss online coaching and training as well as his opinions on when to grind through reps and when to rack it. We touch on how to write programs and different types of specific motivation depending on the client. Ryan details the pec injury he had recently which fortunately does not need surgery . We also discuss the over sensitivity and misunderstandings that happen online in posts on FB, IG etc. The intention is what matters and outside of the trolls we are all here to make each other better people and athletes.

    Click  here to listen!!! 


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  • Fast & Jacked Interview

    sc promo

    Listen to Supplement Centrals Episode #7 of their new Fast and Jacked podcast, featuring Ryan Celli and Casey Williams.

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