Celli’s Fitness Center specializes in every aspect of strength training, regardless of sex, age, or current physical condition. Formerly located in Lawrenceville from 2007-2019. Celli’s now resides  on Pittsburgh’s Northside, 1928 Spring Garden Avenue, 15212.

Ryan Celli

The Mastermind behind Celli’s Fitness

Ryan’s personal training is highly sought out. Many clients travel well over an hour on a regular basis to train with him. He is known for his outstanding ability to critique form and technique. His personal training is typically strength specific, person specific, goal oriented, interlaced with bodybuilding movements. This approach gives clients results that come exceptionally quick. Within weeks, clients gain strength, confidence, tone and build new muscle and lose fat. With his years of experience, he is able to offer great advice on how to prevent and deal with past or present injuries to keep you active and training!

Dana Celli

CEO of Celli's Fitness Center

Dana has been weight training since she was 18 years old. She has that old school, no nonsense way of training. She can teach all three compound movements, squat, bench press, and deadlift with exceptional instruction. Over the years, her specialty has developed into teaching clients how to make that mind to muscle connection. Her workouts are typically fast paced, high rep, high volume, challenging, unique, and will get you that deep muscle burn and the results you want! If you are looking for strength, she also has the knowledge to take your strength to new levels.

Noah Celli

Front desk manager / Personal Trainer

Noah helps manage the gym and is a personal trainer. He is building his clientele and known for his excellent instruction. He’s a graduate of Chartiers Valley High School Class of 2022. If Noahs not at the gym, you’ll find him playing guitar or gaming.