Curious about something at the gym? Check here for answers.



Can I buy a day pass?

We do not offer day passes or accept drop ins. We are a membership based gym.

Can I bring a friend to train with me for a day?

Yes, members are welcome to bring a guest(s). The guest will need to scan the Jot Form QR code located at the front desk. They will be given the option of paying cash, charging members credit card on file, or if we are staffed using their own credit card.

Can I join if I am under 18?

You must be 18 years old to have a membership at Celli’s. In some cases a minor may be permitted to have a membership when accompanied by an adult member.

How do I sign up?

Joining has never been easier! You can now join online right from your phone, tablet or PC.

If you’d like to see our gym before joining please schedule a tour.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All recurring memberships require a credit card / debit card. For purchases we accept cash, and all major credit cards.

How do I cancel a month to month recurring membership?

Cancel anytime. Email us for a cancel form.

My key fob won’t open the door, what does that mean?

If your key fob is not opening the door it’s possible your debit payment was declined multiple times.

Can I freeze my membership?

We do not freeze month to month recurring memberships.


Can I bring my kids?

We don’t permit children.

Does Celli’s have a lost and found?

Yes, most of the time items found in the gym are placed in one of the cherry wood cubbies located just past the front desk. More expensive items will be secured and require you to ask staff if your item was found.

Can I use chalk?

We provide and allow the use of chalk. Please use sparingly and only on your hands! Chalking the bars, your back, shoulders, or butt is not allowed.

Do you have air conditioning?


Do you have cardio equipment?

Yes, we have a treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bike, Concept II rower, 2  XEBEX runners, and a Stairmaster Gauntlet step mill.

Do you have strongman implements?

We are not a strongman facility. ​

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have showers.

Is Celli’s Fitness secure?

Yes, we have 24/7 video monitoring and as well as a door access system that only allows
active members to enter.

Can I leave my belongings in a locker overnight?

No, you are not permitted to keep your belongings in our lockers overnight, locked or not. You can use our lockers at no charge during your training sessions. Celli’s reserves the right to open any locked locker at any time.

Can I max without a spotter/spotters?

No. We do not allow lifters to max out without a spotter or spotters. Actually we prefer you never max in the gym! If you want to test your max enter a powerlifting competition! The safety pins in a power rack are there for extra safety, they are not made or to be used to catch a barbell from crashing onto them. Members will be responsible for damaging any equipment, along with possible banning.

I like to use baby powder on my thighs to prevent the deadlift bar from getting caught on my thighs, is the use of baby powder allowed?

We do not allow the use of baby powder! Baby powder not only makes a huge mess and is next to impossible to clean up, it creates a dangerous floor and bar by making it extremely slippery. We recommend spraying your thighs with water that we provide in a designated spray bottle. This works extremely well.