Celli’s offers a variety of services to its members. Whether you’re new to weightlifting, a powerlifter wanting to peak for a meet, or a bodybuilder doing contest prep, we’ll help you reach your goals.

Personal Training

Celli’s offers some of the best personal training money can buy. Ryan and Dana are the lead trainers and both have an extensive backgrounds in strength training spanning a combined total of over 50 years.

We have recently carefully selected a few additional trainers so we can take on additional clients.

We offer a wide variety of affordable packages to fit your needs. We prefer to speak to you to help you choose the right trainer and right options for your situation.

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Online Personal Training

Have you always wanted to be coached by someone with an exceptional track record who is known for consistently coaching clients to break their previous bests each and every competition? If so, Ryan might be your man.

Ryan’s online training services are for those that want a less expensive avenue to proper programming and coaching.

Online training is typically aimed towards competitive powerlifters, but in some cases can be used for general strength training. Contact us for pricing, availability, and details.

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Online Dieting

Need help getting your eating in order? Let Ryan and Dana guide you to reaching your fitness goal through proper nutrition.

Ryan and Dana offer customized menus for you to eat all done via email. Detailed menus with weekly check ins with photos ensure you get the results you want quickly and safely.

Contact us for availability, as we only take so many clients, to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve.

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